Operators and Travel Agents may be looking for something valuable to add to their solo client proposals – that’s another huge trend gaining momentum this year..📈 If you have capacity to offer Last Minute, Stay Pay or Override Specials over a select time period, why not generate some interest in trade partners servicing solo travellers? You can offer a discounted rate, provide better value for money, or tempt operators with a higher than usual commission for that period. Apply the necessary Ts & Cs, booking validity and travel dates, and load up your special(s).

Here’s a reminder how to do it.

When your trade partners search the Specials Portal and filter by area, date and special type, your special will pop right up for them to pop into their client itinerary. Give those solo travellers a greater incentive to visit your destination and try your products. It adds value to your operator/agent clients’ offerings, and can boost your own sales!🙌 Contact support@wetu.com if you need a special helping hand.

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