Words matter to your content – it adds to your iBrochure rating and complements the imagery you use to tell your story. Invest in a copywriter to get your descriptions accurate and grammatically correct. The idea is to hook your reader and appeal to the senses. Don’t waffle, repeat or go into too much detail. The more items you have to mention, the shorter the descriptions should be. Don’t forget your all important Contact Details. With just a few words to say it all, if it doesn’t sell your product, then don’t say it! If you’re listing anything, use bullet points – they’re easier to read, like these guidelines:

  • 100 words max. for 3rd party descriptions
  • 150 words approx. for general iBrochure descriptions
  • 70 words approx. each for room types and villa/unit types
  • 70 words approx. for activities
  • 50 words approx. for specials
  • 70 words approx. for restaurant/spa

Label your images concisely – you don’t need a full history lesson on all your art on display It also helps to keep things short and clear if you choose to have your iBrochure translated. And then, make sure you keep all this juicy content fresh and up-to-date. Contact us on support@wetu.com if you need help.

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