Invite the traveller to your table

26 April 2017 0

The smells and sight of food, deliciously presented, the dining experience invites you to sample culinary treasures that are like a cultural excursion taken right…

Getting from points A to B in detail

25 April 2017 0

You’re custom designing a tour that needs some hairsplitting detail on how to move between 2 points. On the Route Builder stage, select the ‘Mode’…

Manage your content & rule

25 April 2017 0

You’ve done well to load your content and achieve 100% rating Now make sure you check what it looks like from the user point of view….

Wetu goes to WTM Africa 2017

18 April 2017 0

The travel trade is getting into gear, as excited as Team Wetu at an Easter Egg hunt (actually that was just a scary spectacle), to Meet…

Dishing up travel for food lovers

12 April 2017 0

Food tourism is the experience of culture on a plate. The one thing that no person can (nor wants to) live without it has broken…

Behind Wetu doors

6 April 2017 0

As much as I’d like to say what happens in Wetu, stays in Wetu.. alas (I lie)! Sharing is caring. Just another Beer Pong event…