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Make your itineraries multilingual

28 February 2017 0

Your clients want itineraries in their own languages. Maybe you want to expand your target market to other language groups – your Itinerary Builder can…

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Get your contacts into your content

28 February 2017 0

Further boost your iBrochure rating by adding your Contact Details and ensure you’re always easy to reach. It’s what travellers expect and what our clients…


Wetu After Hours Antics: 2017 so far…

24 February 2017 0
RUSH Trampoline Park, Claremont MarioKart Beer o' clock at Wetu HQ above & right               3 winners of our...

Where in the world is Wetu?

23 February 2017 0

Actually we’re everywhere considering a simple link or some code gets our tools spreading all that awesome content directly from your computer to anywhere in the…

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List of supported destinations

23 February 2017 0

Oceania Australia Cook Islands Fiji French Polynesia New Zealand Samoa Tonga Latin America Argentina Belize Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador Guatemala Honduras Mexico…


Wetu brandishes a new SM look

22 February 2017 1

Social Media (SM) is all about engaging with our community. We like to see what our clients and other industry leaders are doing and of…

Surf Suppliers

Supplying the emerging travel markets

22 February 2017 0

Have you got what it takes to attract the emerging travel market of 2017 to sample your travel products and experiences? We’ve just got our…


Get full value from your itinerary outputs

21 February 2017 0

Ensure you benefit fully from the valuable outputs available on your Itinerary Builder, designed to help you impress your clients even more and make their…


Give your client the 360° experience

21 February 2017 0

Give your content rating another boost by adding 360° degree images and tours to your content marketing mix. It puts travellers in the picture for…