10 MIND BLOWING reasons to get an Enhanced Listing

31 October 2016 0

No Supplier should be without one. Fear of the unknown, untried and untested can be debilitating, sure, but the benefits of trying this on for…


Wetu gets a new home

31 October 2016 3

We end off the month with a new home after moving to larger premises – same building, but more space to wreak our special kind…


3 SUPER FAST ways to build itineraries

31 October 2016

Got enquiries piling up, clients breathing down your neck, no time to waste? Sound like a day in your life? Stop stressing. Here are 3 SUPER…


Optimise Scheduling on the Planner Tab

25 October 2016

Give your clients the reassurance they need with up-to-the-minute, detailed scheduling on their travel itineraries. The Planner Tab of your Itinerary Builder now enables you…


Best practice Content Distribution hacks

25 October 2016

It’s no good having awesome content if it doesn’t get around! Tick off your optimal distribution checklist: Inform everyone in your sales/marketing teams that your…


Welcome your client with a detailed Meet & Greet

18 October 2016

A Meet & Greet is a small but significant part of your client itinerary – one crucial way you ensure your client feels taken care…


Optimise your iBrochure for online reservations

18 October 2016

You know a growing number of travellers search and book their travel online. So link your reservations system to your iBrochure(s) and take full advantage…


Align your business with what travellers want

17 October 2016 0

We’re all doing a happy dance knowing the steady growth in global tourism over the past 5 years is expected to continue. The challenge lies in…


Release Notes

12 October 2016

Everyone likes getting new stuff, especially when it’s cool stuff that helps you work better and makes your work look better. We’ve told you about…