No Supplier should be without one. Fear of the unknown, untried and untested can be debilitating, sure, but the benefits of trying this on for size are overwhelming. Here are 10 reasons to blow your mind:  

1. Save time Where else can you load and update your best content in 1 convenient spot? We’re talking imagery, descriptions, translations, specials, and other product information – a centralised resource you can easily add to, remove from; and that everyone on your staff can use for quick responses to content requests. It’s convenience that saves you time and money too.

2. Easy to use Technology can be scary, yes, but once you’ve got the basics covered, the rest is easy. And the system is so user-friendly! Definitely not only for tech super-nerds.

3. Better Content Management You can have 1 person managing your content, once, and everyone on your staff knows where to find it and access it. No more scattered content in different formats. No more outdated, fugly content (because we guide you on how to optimise)

4. Simpler Distribution Start with an iBrochure and graduate onto a Digital Catalogue – with all your content locked in there, let everyone know it’s there and get them using it, from staff to Operators and  Agents to anyone that markets your products. Stop sharing files, flash drives, e-brochures, CD ROM, and drop the Dropbox. The mighty hyperlink makes it a breeze – add it to everything you send out: out of office responses; promo material; newsletters; your website; on social media. Quit sending out image libraries by email!

5. Content Portal Earn a spot on the best content go-to place for all your reps, reservation and marketing staff, and the rest of the travel industry whether they’re in Wetu or not! 100s of Operators/DMCs/Agents globally access the portal daily; so you have fabulous control over what content is seen and used.

6. Digital Sales Tools How’s this for a shopping list? You get an iBrochure, a Digital Catalogue (which gives you multiple brochures on 1 link), a free Facebook App, Content Widget and Content API. When you update your content, all these tools are automatically updated.

7. Don’t get left behind 100s of supplier companies have the Enhanced Listing. The growing number of Operators in Wetu want their preferred suppliers there too; so the look of their digital presentations stays consistent. As for the travellers, they’re becoming more tech savvy; so don’t let your product be the one that gets overlooked.

8. Support the Trade Do your bit to beat fragmentation in tourism! Cooperating with your trade partners on this mutually beneficial platform is a good start. Operators want your best content for their sales – for that reason, iBrochures are preferable to use in Digital Itineraries and they are re-brandable. After meeting a new partner, you can send them your links as an instant follow-up to keep that interest alive. Further empower the trade with easy access to your Specials.

9. Content Sells Follow our guidelines to optimise your content and what you’ll have is a canvas of hi-res, landscape pics, video and virtual tours, concise and to the point text, that tells the full story of the experience(s) you sell. Less is more and your audience is highly visual; they also want your content in a format they can easily and conveniently consume.

10. Green Solution With the travelling public becoming more conscious about green issues, this is one way to show you empathise. Your paper brochures can be replaced by a simple hyperlink. Every time you update an iBrochure or publish a new translation, there’s no more paper to waste.

If it seems too good to be true, honestly, it isn’t. MANUAL IS DEAD. LONG LIVE DIGITAL! 

..intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, effectiveness or extent of…

The definition of enhance

In Wetu terms it means you getting the most value out of your content. Need help? Consult this doc.

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